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JayJun A-List Vitasnow Set

  • Lovingly sought from Korea.
  •  Jay Jun is a Beauty Hospital that takes care of Super Stars and Celebrities from Thailand, China, and South Korea. Jay Jun is one of the top 5 Beauty Hospitals in Korea which has over 3,000 customers a year.
  • JAYJUN A-LIST VITASNOW SET - is the product that Jay Jun Hospital developed for use at home. The key ingredients come from stem cells of plants which create hyaluronic acid. This revives the skin by replacing all the bad cells. It is enriched with the rare Jayju orange extract that grows only during winter season. 
  • 1pc Vita Snow Essence 30ml
  • 4pcs Vita Snow Nano Crystal Powder 5ml
  • 1) Vita Snow Essence - Restores elasticity and improves skin tone (dark spots and melasma). Whitening and moisturizing. Cell regeneration and moisture management.
  • 2) Vita Snow Nano Crystal Powder - Whitening vitamin powder of the highest purity that targets melanin and cell regeneration. This results in clear and glowing skin.
  • HOW TO USE: Wash your face then gently massage the essence onto your face and neck. Pat on the nano crystal powder on the surface of the face. This combination will penetrate 10 times deeper within your skin cells, unlike normal moisturizers. Used day and night for best results.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP - Korea is known for creating advanced cutting edge skincare technology. This set is pricey but is like a professional treatment. It is a youth elixir that rejuvenates skin cells from within. Trivia: Vita Snow A-List  was developed from the secret formula of the concubine of the king, who is well known for her beauty.

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