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Philosophy Time In A Bottle Age Defying Serum - 40ml

  • Believe in Miracles.
  • "At the core of our brand, we have a philosophy of hope for this world, a philosophy of grace, a philosophy of giving, a philosophy of just possibilities." - Founder Cristina Carlino 
  • TIME IN A BOTTLE AGE DEFYING SERUM - helps defy the appearance of all major signs of aging with a breakthrough DNA renewal complex and a high-potency Vitmin c8 activator. Unlike other serums, this goes beyond just treating the signs of aging and targets the source: your skin'’s DNA. The unique fresh-pour system triggers the highest level of activity and potency, by mixing the serum and activator prior to first use.
  • BENEFITS: makes skin radiant, poreless, even, wrinkle-free, smooth and firm.  
  • HOW TO USE: 1) Pour the entire vial of high-potency Vitamin c8 activator into the serum, and fasten pump to the bottle. 2) Shake well for 20 seconds. The serum will turn light pink, indicating it is ready to begin transforming your skin. 3) Use morning and/or evening by applying to clean, dry skin. Follow with moisturizer, if needed. 4) Use within 3 months after mixing for best results.
  • THEVAINMAMA TIP: Philosophy allows you to embrace true beauty that comes from within. TIME IN A BOTTLE shows dramatic results due in part to the unique "fresh pour" system. Key ingredients are only activated upon use.

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