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Soak Unscented Face Soap - Calendula Milk Tea 120g

  • Lovingly sought from Manila.
  • SOAK ARTISAN SOAPS specialize in moisturizing soaps (with 45% olive oil) made with natural nourishing vegetable oils sans any harmful chemicals.  They boast of skin loving additives such as tussah silk, fresh fruit, milk, tea, honey, oats, glycerine, and clay.
  • THE UNSCENTED FACE SOAP RANGE: this range is designed with without any fragrance to suit even the most sensitive of skins.
  • UNSCENTED FACE SOAP in "CALENDULA MILK TEA" - It’s filled with generous amounts of Olive Oil, Anti-oxidants and Vitamins. Infused with Calendula flowers and Goat’s milk, it gently cleanses as soothes sensitive skin. Suited for SENSITIVE OR IRRITATED SKIN. (Perfect to calm redness or sunburned skin.)
  • HOW TO USE: Build up a froth and apply on your face. Dry soap in between uses and keep out of water.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: The original line of SOAK focuses on Artisan Creations.  This new unscented range is simpler and gentle. It focuses on getting the best of the quality ingredients without any harsh additives. They are specifically created for use on the face.

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