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The Cream Factory - Almond

    • Dessert for the Skin.
    • THE CREAM FACTORY is an exciting line of bath and body products made with real Netherlands Goat’s Milk and 100% Active Botanical extracts – ALL products from THE CREAM FACTORY are made with these ingredients.
    • Goat’s Milk is packed with vitamins and minerals. It contains probiotics, has healing benefits, and promotes collagen growth. It also maintains skin’s pH levels, helps to exfoliate skin, and is more easily absorbed by the skin compared 
to other types of milk.
    • BATH CREAM IN Almond - The Bath Cream is a liquid soap for the body meant to replace your hard soap or your current body wash. It is not a lotion, facial foam, or shampoo. Almond – the detoxifying ingredient – has antioxidants that remove toxins and other free radicals. 
    • HOW TO USE: The Bath Cream is best used with a plastic loofah to get the best lather and an indulgent bath experience.

    • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: A fun new alternative to shower gels & soaps. Bath creams are almost a hybrid. The heavier consistency makes it closer to a soap. The scents are delicious but not overpowering.  You may opt to skip a body lotion after using this as it already gives amazing moisture!

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