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Z by Zenutrients Argan Oil-Around - 250ml

  • Z is the premium line of Zenutritents.  High grade blends of the finest natural ingredients in gorgeous green apothecary bottles with sleek water proof labels. Z will offer the same product categories as the basic line - but better. This is Zenutrients version 2.0.      
  • Oil Around Argan - A multi-purpose oil for the face, body, & hair.
  • INGREDIENTS: Argan Oil, Chamomile Extract, Lavander Essential Oil, Mint Essential Oil, and Coconut Oil.
  • HOW TO USE:  FACE - use as a make-up remover and/or moisturizer. HAIR - use as a hair treatment by leaving on for 5 minutes before washing. BODY - Use as an intense moisturizer for dry skin or even as a massage oil.
  • #THEVAINMAMA: This is so far MY FAVORITE product from the new Z line.  I love the multi-purpose uses and generous amount of Argan Oil for such a reasonable price.  I like using it best as an after-shower oil (especially after swimming) as it is both cooling and extremely hydrating. The perfect hydration for hot & humid weather.  This one is a winner! 

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