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Get Creative: Tablescaping Using Things You Already Have at Home

For some of us, tablescaping has been a form of therapy and an outlet for creative expression without needing to leave our homes. The intentionality behind creating a beautiful spread makes conversations around the table livelier and mealtime more meaningful.

Before you hop on the internet and splurge on too many big-ticket items (we know it's tempting but be strong), you might want to take a quick survey around your home first: you might just realize that you don't need as many new purchases as you thought.

Tablescape enthusiast Leah Mae Beatingo-Villacampa shows us two table designs that she created from just looking around her abode.

Asian-Themed Tablescape

"This tablescape is all about making use of whatever I can find in my pantry, fridge, and cupboard," Leah starts. A quick look around her spread shows you some pretty unconventional tablescape pieces: a mortar and pestle set as well as take-out boxes. Strangely enough, the way in which she uses them creates a feast for our eyes.

Leah encourages the daily tablescaper to be innovative. Instead of just stopping at plopping down items on the table, up-decorate them. For the mortar and pestle, Leah dresses them up with spices and flavorings. "My husband came from the groceries and bought his flavor essentials, and now they're on my table. He helped me put them together to make it look like a piece of art," she shares.

Leah also confesses that she was inspired by Michelle Lao's tablescaping posts, hence the additional chopsticks and tiny flowers. She completes her Asian-themed table with a lovely tea set that she got as a wedding gift.

A little secret: the plaid and polka dot table napkins are actually men's handkerchiefs.

Breakfast for Two

While it is one of our favorite apps, Leah teaches us to log out of Pinterest and look far beyond it for table inspirations. Her inspiration for a breakfast-for-two table comes from the unconventional: her Calathea prayer plant. Leah shares, "I find the details and colors [of the plant] to be pretty. I wanted this particular table spread to look fresh and cohesive, that's why the colors matched the plant."

Leah also doesn't shy from exploring budget-friendly options, sharing that most of the items she used won't burn holes in your pockets. "The egg cups are less than Php 20 per piece, the lettuce salt and pepper shakers are less than Php 200, and the fancy gold coffee stirrers are Php 50 each," she proudly reveals. Everything else on the table has been with her for years now.

We're taking our cues from this lovely lady. With the lockdown period still uncertain, we're pretty determined to make our every day at home look and feel like special days.

On your mark, ready, set, rummage.

Japs Medina
Japs Medina