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Ways to Wear: Androgyne Multiway Wrap

We all love a piece we can get a lot of style mileage from. If there's anything of that sort around here, it would definitely be the Multiway Wrap from Androgyne.

While it's easy for a piece of garment to boasts a myriad of ways to wear, for most of us, it's actually nowhere easy to pull off. Thus we produced a series of how-to videos you can all go back to for days when you feel a little uninspired. 

 Wear it as a top.

Ways to Wear 4 from SeektheUniq.com on Vimeo.

Ways to Wear 3 from SeektheUniq.com on Vimeo.

Ways to Wear 2 from SeektheUniq.com on Vimeo.


Wear it as a bottom. 

Ways to Wear from SeektheUniq.com on Vimeo.

There you have it. But mind you, the multitude of ways don't stop there. Though we leave that up to you to have fun and get uniq-ly creative.


Your Purveyor-of-the-Uniq,


Videos by: Bliss Mabini