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Phina's Little Factory Espresso Coffee Anti-Cellulite Soap - 90g

  • PHINA'S LITTLE FACTORY is a homespun brand that was started less than a year ago. It has gained quite a cult following from those that have tried their products. Everything is handmade using only the best quality ingredients. Phina, the owner & founder, has a background in retailing soaps years ago before she decided to make her own special blends & concoctions.  She is an amazing woman with such beautiful skin - you would never be able to tell that she is already a grandmother! 
  • ESPRESSO COFFEE SOAP - an anti-cellulite soap that is spiked with Cinnamon! This coffee soap acts as a mild astringent, and temporarily firm up the skin around the arms and legs so that cellulite deposits are hidden. This soap has coffee grounds which makes it a great scrubbing soap for the face and body. The end result is smoother skin. The natural oil in coffee contains enzymes that detoxify, cleanse and help unclog pores, making it ideal for treating acne, eczema and other skin problems.
  • HOW TO USE: By massaging and rubbing the areas with this natural soap containing coffee, the fat cells break up and the lumps and bumps of cellulite decrease. Coffee oil is very similar to our natural body oils and has the same PH level as human skin. Your skin will absorb the oils in this natural soap, giving it a soft and silky feel.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: Perk up your mornings with this profoundly rich and balanced soap!  Not to mention all the skin benefits of Cinnamon oil which makes this bar intensely delicious to use.
  • Available only for the Philippine market.

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