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L'aroma Olive Room & Linen Spray

Effortlessly transform the atmosphere of your space with L’arôma Home Scents. Whether you fancy floral, fruity, or fresh & clean, L’arôma has the perfect fragrance for you. Its line of luxurious scents feature such classics like Blossom, Citrus Basil, Olive, Eucalyptus, Vanilla Lavender and Citronnelle. Upgrade your space; elevate your mood. Decorate with L’arôma home scents in elegant-looking reed diffusers and room and linen spray. 

Spread Love with L'aroma.

  • Did you know that the olive plant is one of the first plants documented in history books? During the Roman times, Olives were used to anoint kings and athletes. Its tree symbolizes abundance. Olive’s appeal is in its neutral and earthy scent. It’s the kind of fragrance you’re bound to love whether you’re female, male, or anywhere in between. Try our Olive Reed Diffuser and  Room & Linen Spray. 

  • Available only in 200 ml spray bottle 

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