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8! Gin & Tonic Cocktail Kit

  • 8! is a Gin and Tonic cocktail kit especially made for crafting cocktails to your taste. Each kit contains 8 essential botanicals and an easy to follow guide to create the perfect drink. Whether you’re pouring for yourself or for others, an 8! kit is about sharing the art of drinking and tasting.
  • An elevated drinking experience in one convenient. Easy Eight is our latest botanical kit, created for a smooth and simple gin mixology. Portable, uncomplicated, and beautiful, this gin kit is meant to go places.
  • Discover a wealth in every sip.  All of our botanicals have something to offer every cocktail. Handpicked by our expert mixologists, this version of the kit contains Juniper Berry, Star Anise, Cinnamon, Clove, Coriander Seed, Green Cardamom, Pink Peppercorn, and Chili.

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