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Kiele Anti-Mosquito Baby Cologne - 120ml

  • KIELE means "fragrant blossom".
  • This wonderful baby cologne find was created because the world now abhors Mosquitos. The founders decided to come up with a "fragrant" anti mosquito spray that can be used more of an every day spray on -every minute cologne vs. those strong smelling heavy oils that are used only once a day.
  • KIELE - is a light refreshing cologne made of citronella masked with a French essence. It is DEET free. 
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: We have quite a few "anti-mosquito" cologne offers on the site.  But I kept hearing so much great feedback about this wonderful baby cologne (from other moms) that I had to try it for myself too.  Suffice to say, KIELE passed our testing with flying colors.  Even my strict nanny approves!  The scent itself is so LIGHT & REFRESHING, the anti-mosquito effect is just a bonus for me. 

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