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Scentful Living Diffuser Fragrance - Coastalwood 125ml

  • SCENTFUL LIVING was established by two sisters with exceptional experience in the world of Fragrance. Bernadette is certified by The Fragrance Foundation and trained under British Perfumer, Stephen Dowthwaite. Caroline, graduated with a degree in Fragrance & Cosmetics Marketing from FIT in New York. Both are passionate about fragrances; both are very much committed to sharing their unique fragrance creations with you.
  • AIR PURIFIER WATER SOLUBLE FRAGRANCE - designed specifically for plug in diffusers, atomizers, air purifiers, and the like. These fragrances are compatible to be mixed with water. 
  • COASTALWOOD is the fresh scent of the ocean with hints of warm wood.  It is reminiscent of lazy summers at the beach. 
  • Size: 125ml
  • 8-10 drops per use is recommended
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: With the recent trend of essential oils, many of us have plug in diffusers at home. This method disperses the fragrance much faster and allows the scent to cover a larger space.

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