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STU Wellness Travel Kit 2.0

  • A limited edition travel kit that your soul will thank you for. This on the go healing pouch marries fashion +  beauty + travel. It’s all you need to keep calm and collected as you seek the wonders of the world.
  • Clear-Lined Solilhya Pouch designed by the STU Team
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Essence 5ml by Indigo Crystals
  • Green Bamboo Spahnitzer 50ml by Zenutrients
  • Saffron + Collagen Gold Eye Masks 3pcs by Skin Revolution
  • Shoo Fly Anti Mosquito Spray 60ml by Scentful Living
  • Lavender Essential Oil 10ml by Scentful Living
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: The first Wellness Kit launched last year was an instant success. Version 2.0 has been put together with the same careful thought and love. Things are really lovelier the second time around!

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