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L'aroma Blossom Room & Linen Spray

Effortlessly transform the atmosphere of your space with L’arôma Home Scents. Whether you fancy floral, fruity, or fresh & clean, L’arôma has the perfect fragrance for you. Its line of luxurious scents feature such classics like Blossom, Citrus Basil, Olive, Eucalyptus, Vanilla Lavender and Citronnelle. Upgrade your space; elevate your mood. Decorate with L’arôma home scents in elegant-looking reed diffusers and room and linen spray. 

Spread Love with L'aroma.

  • Fruity, sweet, and fresh — just like freshly picked peaches. This signature L’arôma scent will bring fragrance to your beautiful space.  Its scent is the closest you can get to having a home smelling like the sweet, popular British perfume brand. Try our Blossom Reed Diffuser and  Room & Linen Spray. Spread love with L’arôma.

  • Available only in 200 ml spray bottle 

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