Thai Nine Herbs No. 5 Cream - Red

  • A healing remedy sought from Thailand.
  • NINE HERBS HEALING CREAM NO. 5 HEALING CREAM - is a traditional medicine with synergistic effect of nine herbal extracts. Help relieve muscular aches, pains and inflammation. The deep penetrating and warm sensation stimulates circulation. Helps release tension and weariness.
  • LEMONGRASS The essential oil of lemongrass help relives aches, joint paint and bruise.
  • PHAI Reduce muscle pain spriains, strain. Help reduced inflammation, pain and swelling.
  • CHILLI Capsaicin in chilli used to help relieves pain or inflamed skin, tendon, gout and arthritis.
  • EUCALYPTUS Relieve arthritis, strain. Cure skin diseases, rashes, lowercase nasal cold remedies.
  • LEECH LIME Essential oil of leech lime. Relieve stress, worrying and help, lowercase contraction of muscles.
  • CLOVE The essential oil of clove anti-infection of wound, lowercase bites. Help relieve carminative nausea and syncope.
  • BEACH MORNING GLORY Relieve inflammation. Venon from insect bites. Relieve joins pain.
  • TURMERIC Pain Relief. Help reduce inflammation, rashes, lowercase from insect bites.
  • HORSETAIL The herb is available in large quantities of silica than other herbs. Help in the absorption of calcium. Used to treat disorders associated with bone osteoporosis wound healing and arthritis.
  • HOW TO USE: Apply topically to affected areas as often as needed. Avoid eyes and mouth.
  • A local secret Cream from Bangkok that works wonders. All natural, no chemicals.