AHC Ten Revolution Eye Cream

  • AHC is a South Korean skincare brand that made its debut in 1999 in Seoul, within high-end aesthetic spas and dermatological clinics. It was then acquired by Unilever in November 2017 from skincare business Carver Korea. Anti-aging begins with a skin care for the eyes. Among all skincare products, their eye creams have the highest concentration of the most advanced anti-aging technology.
  • AHC Ten Revolution Eye Cream - Has multiple types of peptides to firm, soothe, and hydrate skin Contains human-like collagen and human-like elastin for strong anti-aging effect
    • Increases elasticity and firmness for brighter, healthier skinUltra micro formulating method: The formula is broken down into 1/400 of the size of pores for deeper, quicker absorption .Can be used for eye spots or the whole face