Alon Ball Bag Pink

  • Material Made from Rattan
  • Handle:5.5"
    Inside Rim:6.75"
    Outside Rim:8" Width:8.5"
    Total Height:13.75"
  • Color: Natural 
  • C&C is a local lifestyle brand that believes in elevating everyday living by weaving purpose with style.  
  • C&C stands for CREATIVE & COMMITTED.
  • CREATIVE in coming up with fresh & functional designs  while remaining COMMITTED to supporting & empowering our partner communities.
  • Each piece is lovingly handmade & proudly local, celebrating the artistry & tenacityof the human hands that weave & sew.
  • We partner with home-based communities of weavers & sewers to proudly showcase the rich culture & artisanal skill of the Filipino.
  • Weaving local craftsmanship into every home