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ANDROGYNE 040 | Tasseled Hem Pants

  • Cut from oxford linen fabric.
  • A tasseled hem pants with side pockets.
  • Feature zipper-and-fly design elements.
  • Available in Chambray and Olive hues.
  • This piece is available in size small, medium and large.
  • Androgyne seeks to create a whole new style permutation to answer fashion's need for an irreverent code of dressing void of gender. Inspired by global trends and fueled by Japanese aesthetics and Italian-inspired prints, the collection combines luxury and comfort. Each piece boasts of several permutations of how, where, and who could wear Androgyne.
  • Titled “Tomorrow,” Androgyne’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection seeks to create genderless wardrobe inspired by global trends, history, design and fabrication. Its aesthetics — a fusion of Japanese-European sensibilities highlighted by Filipino handmade detailing. Each piece in the collection has a strong multicultural influence that showcases the beauty of uniqueness. Oriental influences are highlighted in details and silhouettes; Middle Eastern inspiration can be seen in prints and tassel details. And for a local flair, the maya bird in embroidered form made a cameo in some pieces and intricate embroidery was also evident. Androgyne’s Tomorrow collection champions fashion individuality and the unmistakable creativity that evoke a sense of freedom, refusing to succumb to the conventional. 
inches waist hips length
small  32 40 38
medium 34 42 38
large 36 44 38

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