Beauty Fix Mini Ice Roller for Face and Eyes

  • A smaller version of the Ice Roller, specially designed to massage small areas around the eyes & face.

    This innovative device with a rolling, stainless steel head filled with water and gel calms the skin, de-puffs tired eyes, and reduces inflammation

    - Convenient tool lets you reap all the benefits of cold therapy simply store in the fridge overnight and use when needed
    - Helps soothe away redness, irritation, and inflammation with an extra cooling sensation
    - Also promotes blood circulation by massaging the skin for a brighter, healthier look
    - Relaxes the facial muscles to release tension
    - Aids in lymphatic drainage to eliminate build-up of fluid and toxins
    - Helps alleviate stings from bug bites, sunburns, and even sore muscles
    - Leaves the skin feeling toned, lifted, and refreshed
    - Slim design allows you to target smaller areas
    - Compact, travel-friendly device is mess-free and hassle-free
    - Suitable for all skin types, especially mature complexions

    STEP 1: Sanitize ice roller with 70% isopropyl alcohol and a cotton ball.
    STEP 2: Leave ice roller in your freezer for at least four hours (or overnight for best results).
    STEP 3: Once cold, press the roller to your face with light pressure. Use outward motions, from your mouth and nose to your neck and hairline, for five to ten minutes each day.
    STEP 4: After using the roller, sanitize with alcohol and store until its next use.

    WHAT YOU GET: (1) Ice Roller for Face and Eyes
    MATERIALS: Stainless Steel