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Bloom & Topiary Nourish & Repair Cream - 50g

  • BLOOM & TOPIARY gives homage to nature's ability to nourish and revive through skincare. Each product is carefully researched and expertly formulated using gentle and yet high-performing natural ingredients to help you achieve great skin with regular use. Honest. Simple. Sincere. 
  • NOURISH & REPAIR CREAM - gives your skin the loving it deserves. With a mix of anti-ageing ingredients, Vitamins A, and Vitamin C. It soothes out and lightens blemishes while keeping your skin tone even.
  • KEY INGREDIENTS: Licorice Root Hydrosol Extract, Niacinamide Rosehip Oil, Abyssinica Seed Oil, & Sodium Hyaluronate
  • HOW TO USE: Apply vigorously before bedtime.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: Aside from being effective, your skincare routine should also be a fun experience. Bloom & Topiary products have surpassed our expectations. They are simple, effective, and a lovely start and end to your day. I prefer to use this as night as the texture is more like a sleeping pack than a regular daily moisturizer.