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Calm Chakra Crystal Kit - I Am Love

  • Founded in North America, THE CALM CHAKRA collection features semi-precious gemstones found all over the world. These crystals possess attributes that help you heal your deepest fears and worries so that you can focus your energy on manifesting your dream.
  • I AM LOVE CRYSTAL KIT: We are born ready and willing to love, but due to painful experiences, we close our hearts and retreat from the connection.  When we build walls around our hearts to protect ourselves from re-experiencing these traumas, we not only block the bad stuff out but end up blocking the good stuff as well.  Love stones work by helping heal the heart from old pain so that we can reopen the channels of giving and receiving in order for your heart to once again be ready to accept new love.  Always remember that no one will see just how lovable and wonderful you are if you don’t think you are lovable and wonderful. Love and happiness should begin with yourself.
    • 1 Raw Red Tourmaline (4-5cm)
    • 1 Raw Rose Quartz (3cm) or Rose Quartz Point (4-5cm)
    • 1 Amazonite Point (4cm)
    • RED TOURMALINE Universal Love + Soul Mate + Self Love Red Tourmaline is a stone of the perfected heart - one that is strong, vital, and full of passion for love and life.  It emits an energy of unconditional love to all those who come into contact with its passionate vibration, a kind of love that goes very deep, one that goes beyond the love that you share in your human relationships, one that reaches out to the universe!  Red Tourmaline is believed to attract the perfect soulmate especially when you keep it under your pillow at night and visualize desirable traits you long for in a partner. This stone also enhances existing relationships as it helps you better understand love and its complexities.  You will feel emotionally secure knowing that whatever challenges come your way, you and your partner will be able to overcome them all. You’ll learn to understand that a heartbreak can also be heart-opening, that grief can be just as important as joy, and that tears are just as valuable as laughter.  It helps revitalize passion and joy in sexuality and aids in making dedicated commitments based on love. It also encourages self-love and encourages feelings of comfort and safety which in turn heals old emotional wounds, particularly those related to childhood. It helps us find the courage to love again or for the first time.  Red Tourmaline also encourages us to be more friendly and charming. Anyone who feels emotionally numb or isolated will benefit from this dynamic energy.
    • ROSE QUARTZ Pure Love Feel the gentle, nurturing essence of this crystal as it awakens your heart to its purest, most loving potential.  By unblocking energy clogs in your heart chakra, this pink crystal cleanses your emotions and the entire auric field, healing your heart of its wounds, fears and resentments.  These toxic emotions taking up space in your heart are then replaced with divine loving energy that enables you to transmit love both ways: giving + receiving. It sends a constant reminder that the person that you need to love and nurture first and foremost is yourself. By gifting yourself unconditional love, you learn to love others in the same way.  As you are compassionate to yourself, you learn to forgive those around you. Everything starts with how you feel about yourself. Once you’ve pivoted your energy back towards the mother of all good vibes: LOVE, you’ll find it manifesting in all aspects of your life. You’ll recognize it in yourself initially, you’ll glow from the inside. Then you’ll recognize it at all levels around you depending on what you seek.  You’ll attract people who love, respect, and appreciate your energy and open yourself up to romantic love, closer bonds with family and friends or simply finding beauty in the world around you always.
    • AMAZONITE Authenticity + Love + Communication Communication is key to maintaining a  deep loving bond in relationships and this is where Amazonite plays a crucial role.  Amazonite enhances loving communication as it keeps overly-emotional feelings and irrational thoughts in check. You’ll find yourself expressing your heartfelt emotions with more freedom and confidence, even in a non-verbal manner -- just one look, one gesture, one smile and they will know right away what you are trying to tell them. Amazonite is a soothing stone and can ease feelings of aggravation such as anger, jealousy and resentment. Time heals all wounds. But with amazonite, it can heal faster. Amazonite also inspires you to embrace and believe in love, especially self-love. No one else can fill that void inside you; not even the person you love the most. Only you can decide on your happiness and make it happen. When you learn to appreciate yourself more, you will also learn to appreciate other people in your life. Amazonite helps you find comfort and happiness in your relationships.
  • Affirmation: "I am open to giving and receiving love."
  • Chakra Activation: heart, throat
  • Care: In order to sustain its magic, cleanse + energize + program regularly
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIPS: Keep it close. Keep smaller stones in your pocket during the day and lay them together with the larger stones by your bedside at night. This way, you’ll keep the love vibes all day long. Place near your heart.  When the stones are close to your heart, they help you heal and open up to giving and receiving more love. Make a love elixir. Rose quartz can be placed directly in water to make a love elixir.  The other stones can be placed in the exterior, beside your glass or bottle.  Leave by window to let it infuse with sunshine or moonlight for few hours before drinking.

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