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Calm Chakra Crystal Kit - Performer (Actors, Dancers, Musicians, Public Speakers)

    • Founded in North America, THE CALM CHAKRA collection features semi-precious gemstones found all over the world. These crystals possess attributes that help you heal your deepest fears and worries so that you can focus your energy on manifesting your dream.
      • PERFORMER (Actors, Dancers, Musicians, Public Speakers) CRYSTAL KIT: Performing requires intelligence, charisma and can be demanding on your creativity, energy and schedule. Additionally, when you are consistently putting yourself out there, it’s inevitable to get “no’s” and those can be a big blow to your confidence. You also pick up energy stressors during travels or when dealing with a wide variety of people and often times feel ungrounded as you are displaced from home, or due to a severe lack of nature in the city. It’s really beneficial to equip yourself with crystals that can help you balance all the energy centers affected by these situations.
        • 1 Sodalite Tumble Stone (2cm)
        • 1 Tiger Eye Tumble (3-4cm)
        • 1 Carnelian Tumble (4cm)
        • 1 Clear Quartz Point (5cm)
        • SODALITE Creativity + Self Expression + Confidence + Communication Sodalite is beneficial for actors, dancers, musicians, public speakers and all others that speak to an audience as it stimulates the energy center for communication.  It boosts confidence, creative thinking and self-expression and helps you express what you want to convey in the best, most eloquent way possible. It encourages you to delve into new and unfamiliar territories to achieve their highest form of self-expression. It also encourages better communication, thus ensuring peace and serenity with people you work with.
        • TIGER EYE Courage + Confidence + Creativity + Determination Tiger Eye encourages you to step out of the box, take risks, explore your artistic and creative talents, embrace your potential, and challenge yourself to use your abilities. It’s a great choice if self-doubt is holding you back. It releases fears around accomplishing a target, which is vital for true creativity. It also helps to dispel lethargy and replace it with motivation and creative energy. It’s a great stone for determination; helping you to be strong-willed and clear on your intentions. If you’re presenting an important meeting, want to release a creative block or wish to take that leap of faith, Tiger’s Eye will give you courage.
        • CARNELIAN Creativity + Energy + Passion + Confidence Carnelian brings a true gift of heightened creativity and inspiration for just about anybody that requires that inner fire, that extra boost. It’s creative and motivational energy and assists in breaking through any block, renewing your passion, vibrance and energy levels. It awakens and unlocks the potential that already resides within you and empowers it with courage and confidence. Known as the singer’s stone - it is perfect for keeping your vocal fire up in auditions and performances. Keeping one close also helps stay open to imagination and play in your acting. It’s high energy dispels apathy especially during that mid-run slump. Alongside with greater energy and vitality, Carnelian also helps you relax and unwind. This wonderful combination rarely found in other crystals makes this stone perfect for performers as it can often be challenging to balance these two in your demanding schedule. It is also a powerful stone to have especially when you are taking steps to improve your lifestyle such as losing weight and staying fit, or being in a healthier social circle. Carnelian brings more positivity in your life, enabling you to always feel energetic and optimistic.
        • CLEAR QUARTZ Clarity + Inspiration + Amplifier Clear Quartz keeps your mind clear so you can give 100% to your performance. The clear quartz point also deepens your performance as it enables you to channel from your soul. It also amplifies the energy of other crystals used with it. 
      • Affirmation: "I am confidently pursuing my dreams. My art inspires my audience."
      • Chakra Activation: all chakras with focus on crown, third eye, root, sacral, solar plexus
      • Care: In order to sustain its magic, cleanse + energize + program regularly
      • #THEVAINMAMA TIPS: Place near you.  Keep the stones in your pocket or place it on your desk. Charge your performing materials. Put stones on top of your script, instrument, presentation notes to prepare it for your performance. Make a performer’s elixir. Clear quartz can be placed directly in water to make a performer’s elixir.  The other stones can be placed in the exterior, beside your glass or bottle.  Leave by window to let it infuse with sunshine or moonlight for a few hours. Drink before your audition or performance.

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