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Calyx Life Fragrant Home Candle (7 scents)

  • Fragrant Home Candles by CALYX LIFE & HOME. Calyx is a brand that makes products that turn your house into a home, and helps you do that the non-toxic way. They make effective home care cleaning aids and exquisite home fragrances that are safe for your loved ones (humans and non-humans) and the environment.  
  • Comes in a beautiful rose gold glass jar with a matching lid
  • Size 7.5 oz.
    • BAJA DESERT CANDLE - The Baja Desert Soy Candle was inspired by the ghost plant found in many terrariums and landscapes of trendy homes.  This soy candle has botanical green notes, bright juicy citrus and island florals that open up into a heart of coconut and musk, and then finally settles onto an earthy base of sandalwood.  If succulents had a scent, they would smell like this. 
    • FLEUR CANDLE - The Fleur Soy Candle is a floral delight to the nose. It has top notes of white flowers and honeysuckle. Hints of tropical florals and blue iris add sparkle to the crisp scent, while the fruity note of sweet orange brings it down to earth in a gentle end. 
    •  LAVENDER SAGEWOOD & BERRY CANDLE - The mildly herbal and earthy scent of French lavender and sage, delicately balanced with warm black and red berry notes, pineapple and coconut.  The perfect choice to warm your living room when you have close friends over for a lively discussion after dinner. Or for when you want to sink deep into your couch, engrossed in that thriller-mystery novel that you've finally found the time for. 
    • NEW HAMPSHIRE CANDLE - The New Hampshire Soy Candle was inspired by walks through the chilly forests of New Hampshire. It is scented with breezy green notes, a hint of mint, juicy apples and golden peaches. Soft musk and moss quietly grounds it. It is a scent that will remind you of cozy sweaters and romantic strolls in the woods.
    • PEARS & HONEYSUCKLE CANDLE - A sophisticated scent of ripe juicy pears, freesia, guava and sweet honeysuckle intertwined with delicate watery notes. A touch of class and femininity. Neither overbearing nor too mild as to be boring either. 
    • SEASIDE COTTON CANDLE - The clean scent of sea island cotton and flowing mountain springs with bright floral hints. An ideal companion to lend a fresh and clean sensation to your kitchen, bedroom, or living room space. 
    • SHIKOKU ISLAND CANDLE - This soy candle was inspired by the Yuzu, the Japanese grapefruit grown on Shikoku Island. Half of Japan's total production of the citrus fruit comes from this island. It is beloved by chefs, patissieres and mixologists in the West and fetches quite a price for its unique citrus flavor. The Shikoku Island Soy Candle is a fresh, tart blend of mandarin, tangerine, lemon satsuma and oakmoss. Perfect for unique citrus scent lovers. 
  • HOW TO USE: On first burn, let the melt pool reach the sides of the container to prevent the wax from tunneling down in the center. Trim wick to 1/4 inch before lighting. Keep away from drafts.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: Soy candles burn twice as long as an ordinary paraffin candle; wax spills are easy to clean with warm soapy water; best enjoyed with the air-conditioner or fan on.