Beauty Fix T-Bar Pulse Facial Massager Gold

  • BEAUTY FIX T-BAR PULSE FACIAL MASSAGER - This compact and waterproof electronic T-Bar Pulse Facial Massager stimulates your skin with with 6,000 micro-vibrations per minute.
    • Activates blood flow and relaxes your facial muscles, reducing fine lines.
    • Stimulates lymphatic drainage, removing toxins and water pocket, removing eye bags.
    • Creates a stress effect on the dermis stimulating collagen creation.
  • HOW DOES IT WORK? It works by relaxing muscles that cause the expression wrinkles, the massage also causes reflex stretching of the dermis to tighten and create a lifting effect. It is made of anti-bacterial material to ensure safe contact with your skin. It vibrates 6000-7000 per/mins for an all-purpose deep and gentle massage to your hand, eye, neck, and forehead to improve blood circulation, reduce wrinkles, and treat dark circles.
    • HOW TO USE: Use it daily for ten to fifteen minutes for optimum results. Face must be makeup free before use of this product.