Calm Chakra Crystal Kit - Healthy & Fit Me (Weight Loss)

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        • Founded in North America, THE CALM CHAKRA collection features semi-precious gemstones found all over the world. These crystals possess attributes that help you heal your deepest fears and worries so that you can focus your energy on manifesting your dream.
          • 1 Clear quartz point (5cm)
          • 1 Picasso marble point (5cm)
          • 1 Amethyst point (5cm)
        • If you’re set out to achieve your fitness goals, this mini crystal point trio can help amplify your success.  Points focus the energy upward toward the universe and are great tools for setting and maintaining the energy of your clear intentions.There are many factors involved in the weight-loss journey. For starters, you’ll need to break unhealthy life-long habits and embark on a new path of improved nutrition and regular exercise. It may be tough to follow as it requires commitment and mental strength. Crystals help ensure weight-loss success as they prep your mind and body to get the job done. They assist in controlling emotions lurking behind the desire to overeat and help you say goodbye to negative cycles. The key point to remember is that weight loss begins with your mind. As you release your mental picture of the self as a ‘fat person’ and visualize yourself with a body that you can carry with grace and pride, you will be led to make healthy food choices and engage in physical activities that help you attain the body you desire.
        • CRYSTAL AT WORK: 
          • PICASSO MARBLE Self Control + Metabolism + Willpower Picasso Marble strengthens self-control and aids in preventing over-eating.  It regulates your metabolism and is an extremely nurturing stone that supports and sustains you during times of stress in your weight loss journey.  It gives you the strength to get past the difficult stage, and will do so with love and protection.
          • AMETHYST Fights Addictions + Detoxification + Reduce Bloating Amethyst controls addictions and is excellent for breaking old eating habits. It assists the body to enter a strong detoxification process which is crucial when embarking on a healthier lifestyle especially as most food items we consume these days are processed with chemicals, preservatives, and other harmful substances. A powerful aid to your weight loss goal, Amethyst brings about a sense of calm, rejuvenation and boosts your inner strength to keep working towards your weight loss goals. It also helps reduce bloating.
          • CLEAR QUARTZ Clarity + Master Healer + Amplifier Clear quartz is the energy-boosting gemstone that magnifies the energies of all of the other weight loss stones. It is also a master healer, which means it will help you heal emotionally and physically as you lose weight. When it comes to weight loss, this mineral helps a person make the right food choices. This is associated with the belief that the transparency of the crystal is symbolic of being able to see what is difficult to gauge. Therefore, it amplifies your inner energy and helps accomplish your goals.
        • Affirmation:  "I love my body and I believe in my power to become even better. I believe in my ability to change my habits and create new, positive ones."
        • Chakra activation: all chakras with focus on root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, crown, third eye, etheric
        • Care: In order to sustain its magic, when not in use, keep in pouch provided and cleanse + energize + program regularly.
          • #THEVAINMAMA TIPS: Keep it close.  Carry the stones in your pocket and place them on your bedside table at night (so that you can continue to absorb the healing energy while you are asleep). Set intentions before eating meals. Before eating your meals, hold your stones for a few moments and intend that your body will receive all of the nutrition that it most needs at this time (and that it clears anything that is not needed). Charge your meals. Place the stones on the table near your plate of food so that the crystals can charge your meal with their energy as you eat. Place stones on the body. After you have finished eating, hold the stones over your belly (or over the area that you would most like to lose weight) and visualize yourself as your ideal, healthy weight. Make an elixir. Clear quartz and Amethyst can be placed directly in a glass or bottle filled with water to make a weight loss elixir. Picasso Marble can be placed beside the bottle. Leave by window to let it infuse with sunshine or moonlight for a few hours before drinking. Cleanse. Cleanse and energize your fitness stones frequently. They will be working hard for you, which means they will get clogged with negative energy fairly quickly.