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Calm Chakra Knight in Shining Armour 1 Bracelet

  • Founded in North America, THE CALM CHAKRA collection features semi-precious gemstones found all over the world. These crystals possess attributes that help you heal your deepest fears and worries so that you can focus your energy on manifesting your dream.
  • KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR 1 BRACELET - "I banish all negative attachments.  My aura is clean and clear. I am vibrating at my highest frequency." Undoubtedly better than the ‘knight in shining armour’ of medieval tales, this badass is as real as it gets! Black Tourmaline is the most protective crystal and this bracelet acts as your ultimate defender, shielding you from all sorts of negative energy. Whether it’s from electromagnetic frequencies emitted by devices, or being around toxic people, naysayers, ill-wishers or individuals in a foul mood, it’s in your best interest to protect your good vibes. The crystals in this bracelet are valiantly working to protect you so you can always have optimum energy and the right mindset to pursue your goals successfully.
  • 2 SIZES:
    • SMALL 13-15cm
    • MEDIUM 16-21cm
  • BLACK TOURMALINE Protection + Success + Grounding
    • The energy of the black tourmaline is excellent for physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental detoxification. It protects you from negative energies by absorbing negative energies and psychic attacks directed at you and then sending them back to the source, which makes it a very powerful karma stone as all their negativity will come back right to them.  It also shields you from environmental pollutants, EMF’s from digital devices, as well as negative energies carried by people you come across. As a result, you can sleep more soundly, are more alert and energetic. You recognize important opportunities and are always motivated, ready to take on any challenge. Black tourmaline is a powerful and lucky stone when rubbed --  magnetic electricity intensifies and good luck is amplified. Black tourmaline is best placed on the left side of your body because its energies will penetrate your aura through your left side.
  • 925 STERLING SILVER Energy + Pain Relief + Blood Circulation
    • Made out of 92.5% fine silver, it is the highest amount of silver composition that can be made into jewelry form. This equates to unparalleled purity and durability which is important as silver is absorbed through the skin and can bring many health-boosting benefits. This includes its ability to stimulate proper energy flow so that your body can accumulate more power. You will feel reinvigorated and experience improved mental focus and concentration. It can also bring relief from inflammation and pains and promotes proper blood circulation within the body.
  • Chakra Activation: Root, Earth Star
  • 6mm Black Tourmaline Crystals
  • 925 Sterling Silver Accents
  • Care: When not in use, keep in pouch provided and cleanse + energize + program regularly.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: As pieces are made from natural crystals there will be naturally occurring variations and imperfections. Crystals are cleansed by hovering over smoke of burnt sage and energized with harmonic vibrations of the singing bowl.