Crystal Beauty Star Pendant Healing Necklace (5 variants)

  • Crystal Beauty believes that physicality is only half of the equation and great beauty has a lot to do with the energy you give off and release into the world. That’s why true beauty is also about having a positive mind, a positive heart, and a beautiful soul.
  • HEALING STAR PENDANT NECKLACE - a star-shaped pendant w/ complimentary necklace chain. The star shape stones are symbolic of heaven and higher realms. There are 5 variants to choose from:
    • AMETHYST - is a natural stress reliever, which is exceptional for providing spiritual protection, inner strength and clarity of mind; attracts positive energy and rids the body of negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, fear and depression. Amethyst healing properties are plentiful, as it not only associated with the crown chakra, it is thought of as a protective stone as well as associated with abundance and prosperity. Use this pendant to promote feelings of calm and to infuse its protective vibrations into your life.
    • ROSE QUARTZ - is commonly known as the healer of the heart and one of the great beautifying crystals, Rose Quartz is metaphysically known for increasing self-love. Use its loving energy to ease tension, stress and anxiety, increases self-love and promotes feelings of well-being, as well as to bring love, new romance, and positive relationships into your life.
    • CLEAR QUARTZ - is able to purify, amplify, unblock energy and program intentions, it is one of the most valuable crystals in anyone’s crystal collection. Clear quartz is a universal healer that links all chakras to provide balance and harmony. Use this quartz pendant to vibrate pure white light into your life.
    • AMAZONITE - is a soothing stone that balances the masculine and feminine energies. It is said to soothe emotional trauma, alleviating worries, anxieties and fears as it helps dispel negative energy and aggravations. In addition, Amazonite is also said to assist in manifesting universal love. Wearing an Amazonite pendant is a great way to benefit from its comforting energy as it infuses feelings of ease and reassurance into your life.  
    • BLUE AGATE - is all about harmony and balance. The stone’s less intense vibrations impart strength and stability, it provides balance between the positive and the negative. Blue Agate has a soothing energy that lifts one’s spirit with its positive and supportive vibrations. At the core of Blue Agate’s healing benefits, it it’s calm, uplifting, encouraging energy.
  • Pendants come with gold plated copper bale and complimentary plated necklace chain.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: Due to natural formations in the stones, each pendant will be unique, and color will vary slightly from the picture listed.