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Gamma Più i-Extra Nano Titanio Hair Straightener

    • Italian technology at the service of beauty.
    • Gamma Più is a leading manufacturer of professional hairdryers with over 30 years of specialized experience. Constant research for technological innovation results in cutting-edge products with innovation, quality and style.
    • Great stars of the showbiz world, internationally famous musicians, and television celebrities use these products. Gamma Più is the technical partner of events such as the Venice and the Rome Film Festivals, the hospitality of the San Remo Festival, the World Music Awards of Monte Carlo, and many more.
    • i-EXTRA NANO TITANIO HAIR STRAIGHTENER - uses the utmost Italian technology for professional straightening.
    • Electronic digital control with 1 degree step temperature adjustment.
    • LCD display with temperature indication.
    • Floating Nano Titanium plates.
    • Version XL Digital Control: large straightening surface 1,65 x 3,5”.
    • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: If you want straight shiny hair without having to undergo pricey Keratin Treatments, this hair iron is a gem. Easy to use and control.

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