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GVC Facial Cleanser Acne Control - 100ml

    • Good Virtues Co. wants you to be and feel beautiful without compromising your values. There is more to beauty than what the world sees on the outside. When you do good by your body, the joy, confidence and beauty will show... GVC is committed to creating Halal products with high standards of quality and safety, using only ingredients that are safe and respectful to the environment. This means that all products are also free from Mineral Oil, SLES, ALES, Parabens, synthetic colourants, and are not tested on animals.
    • GLOWING & GOODNESS ACNE FACIAL CLEANSER -The combination of a beautiful face and soul will never be forgotten. Organic Black Seed Oil strengthens your skin’s barrier, making it healthier. Botanical active (Acne Busters) keeps the acne away and regulates healthy sebum levels. It won't remove your skin's natural protective layer- so you won’t have to worry about dryness, irritation or breakouts. Because a beautiful soul needs a beautiful face to match.
    • HOW TO USE: Apply cleanser to your face and neck, massaging it gently into your skin with water before rinsing it off thoroughly.
    • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: This was my first time to try a Halal certified beauty line. (Halal is an Islamic word that means "lawful or permitted".  This may apply to food, medicine, personal care products, etc.) Basically it means having a stricter standard of excellence pertaining to ingredients, production, cleanliness, etc... This definitely shows in the quality of GVC products!  Each one I tried really works well and feels great to use.

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