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Happy Tree Safe Space Citronella Spray - 500ml

  • Mosquitoes hate it.  You'll love it.
  • The Happy Tree Soap Co. was created by a dynamic husband and wife team. They strive to find primarily plant based solutions to make everyday life a bit better. As parents, they noticed that most of the products used today are synthetically made and worse yet, toxic. They aim to provide consumers with the best choice for natural based products.
  • SAFE SPACE CITRONELLA SPRAY - A room spray that gives protection against mosquitoes and bugs. The gentle arches of this tropical grass also release an invigorating scent that will uplift your mood and brighten up any space. 
  • HOW TO USE: Spray onto surroundings as often as needed.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: Spray BEFORE sunset to allow mosquitoes to fly out of your space.  They cannot fly away in the cooler evening air.