Kangaroo Pure Eucalytus Oil ( 2 sizes)

  • KANGAROO Eucalyptus oil was lovingly sought from Thailand...a must buy for all mom with kids who are prone to coughs & allergies.
    • AS AN INHALER - Add a few drops into your humidifier or air purifier and you & your baby will have instant relief.  Easy breathing guaranteed. You can also just put a few drops in a basin of hot water and let your child inhale the vapour...
    • AS A HEALING REMEDY FOR ADULTS - Massage onto sprains or strained muscles for instant relief.
  • INGREDIENTS: 80-85% pure Double-Distilled Pure Eucalyptus Oil with an organic carrier oil. 
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: There are so many oils out there in the market but I fell in love with this KANGAROO EUCALYPTUS OIL as it is pure and fresh.  It does not contain any harmful chemical additives. This is one product that my very strict nanny approves of!  Every household with kids should have a bottle handy.