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Lovetuner Wellness Necklace - Red

  • Lovingly sought from Malibu, California.
  • This was brought to Manila by celebrity and known wellness advocate, Teresa Herrera-Anthony. Teresa says: "I learned about the lovetuner through a friend. I tried the product and instantly fell in love. I was hooked by the mission, vision, and values of this company. I love everything they stand for and how they want to promote good vibes. I’m all about that."
  • A portion of all sales go to providing these necklaces for inner city children in LA, that are victims of abuse and violence.  They have proven to bring the kids healing, giving them a better chance to succeed in the world.
  • WHAT IS A LOVETUNER? - On the surface, it is a simple necklace with a flute attached to it. But more importantly it is a mindfulness tool. It is a single tone flute that aligns and centers oneself. It exposes the mind and body to frequency waves of 528 Hz, also called the “love frequency”.

  • BENEFIT: Everything is made up of vibration and balance. Your body and matter are different rates of matter at different rate of vibration with its own frequency. Scientifically proven, sound wave frequencies help brain stimulation and help align you to a greater sense of balance and deep healing.

  • HOW TO USE: 1) Remove the lower metal portion to reveal the flute. 2) Take a deep breath and blow gently into the flute to release the sound. 3) Do this for at least 8 times or as many times as needed. 4) Feel yourself get calm and centered. 5) Wipe off flute with a soft cloth and return to casing. 6) Wear around your neck as a necklace for easy access.

  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: Even if you are not into the whole wellness lifestyle, this is a simple tool that will help anyone relax and feel calm. I like using this when I'm stuck in traffic or in any stressful situation.  You know how people tell you to "Just Breathe"? This makes that work 10x better. Even men and children can benefit from this too... The fact that the lovetuner is also a hip accessory is a great bonus.

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