Madame Heng Baby Soap Set - 3pcs 150g@

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  • Lovingly sought from Thailand.
  • MADAME HENG is a famous cult Thai skincare brand established in 1949. It is a loving fusion of natural herbal remedies with a Parisian flair.  All the "in the know" moms in Thailand, are aware that this is the go-to brand for quality, all-natural skincare.
  • BRAND HISTORY: For over 50 years Madame Heng is the name that all French businessmen and other business partners, including her family, call Mrs.Heng Shui Hui. She has introduced skin care products from natural sources and processes from Pang Rum and Pang Nam to Soap. She has never stopped developing the quality of her products from generation to generation. Her soaps are highly sought after as they are perfect for the hot & humid Asian climate.
  • NATURAL BALANCE BABY SOAP - is fortified with natural Vitamin E, chamomile, and delicately selected natural herbs added to develop an extremely gentle formulation.  Ideal for babies and young children, or anyone who suffers from sensitive skin, eczema, and other skin irritations. 
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP:  I discovered MADAME HENG's magic soaps through the same mom (living in Thailand) who shared with us her favorite Kangaroo Eucalyptus Oil. I tested the soaps on both myself and the kids and we are all sold.  The scent is mild & gentle - refreshing yet almost powdery.  I love that it lathers very well without a drying sensation afterwards. Skin is left soft & supple.  Moms who have tried it already, have sworn that this soap helps soothe & heal ECZEMA and SKIN ASTHMA of their kids.