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NaoEvo Portable UV Sterlizer

  • UV NAOEVO portable UV sterilizer
  • Lightweight and portable
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Safety Child Lock
  • ON/OFF button operation
  • 6 UVC lights
  • Weight 90g.
  • 2600 mAh
  • 2.5 hours of battery life
  • HOW IT WORKS: The purple light disinfection lamp destroys the molecular structure of DNA or RNA bacterial viruses through ultraviolet rays with a wavelength in the range of 280nm, causing growth cell death or regenerative cell death. So as to achieve UV-C light technology, this ultraviolet lamp Portable Sanitizing Wand kills up to 99% of germs and allergens on hard surfaces. It also destroys odor-causing bacteria and sanitizes without chemicals, irritants, or residues.