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Green Mama Zit Zap Pimple Spray - 50ml

  • Green Mama is a homecare, skincare, and wellness family brand that caters to the more discerning, savvy customer who seeks chemical-free, all-natural but highly effective products. The line was created by Andrea Fernandez Reloza, a wife and mother of two. Green Mama maximizes use of the Philippines’ local virgin coconut oil in its products, as well as 100% botanical ingredients and premium essential oils.
  • ZIT ZAP PIMPLE SPRAY - Dries out pimples. Anti-bacterial. Contains tea tree and fulvic acid. Spray on cotton and wipe using circular motions on face. Follow it up with a moisturizing facial lotion.    
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP:  As most of the products have a large amount of VCO, the consistency can get a little thick in a cold climate.  Just run the bottle/jar under warm water or rub the product between your hands to liquidate the oil.  Handmade in small batches, this is one of the best quality organic brands I have tried!                                         

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