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Plaza Throw Pillow Cover

  • Throw pillow cover in upcycled scrap cloth using reversed technique, with Binakul as underside.
  • Binakul is a variation of the abel handweaving done in the Ilocos region, and literally means “twill” in the Ilocano language. It is easily distinguishable because of its geometric optical illusion designs, which represents whirlpools of the sea. The indigenous Ilocano belief is that the whirlpools drive away evil spirits.
  • Measures 18 inches length x 18 inches height.
  • Rags2Riches Inc. is the Philippines' foremost for-profit social enterprise. They create eco-ethical fashion and home accessories out of upcycled scrap cloth, organic materials and indigenous fabrics, and by working with artisans living in the poor communi- ties across the country.

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