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Phina's Little Factory Face Serum Day - Condition 35ml

  • PHINA'S LITTLE FACTORY is a homespun brand that was started less than a year ago, but has gained quite a cult following from those that have tried their products. Everything is handmade with love using only the best quality ingredients. Phina, the owner & founder, has a background in retailing soaps years ago before she decided to make her own special blends & concoctions.  She is an amazing woman with such beautiful skin - you would never be able to tell that she is already a grandmother!  Talk about aging gracefully.
  • CONDITION FACE SERUM (DAY) -  a powerful combination of perhaps the most precious of ancient oils. ARGAN & FRANKINCENSE, to condition your skin and can also be used on the hair.  This all-around serum is formulated for daytime use as it is not photosensitive and can act as SPF. It has vit E oil, and vegetable glycerin. Same formula at a more generous 35ml size!
  • BENEFITS: Both oils have incredible ability to promote regeneration of healthy cells and tissues. Argan is known as the "liquid gold" and it moisturizes superbly.  Frankincense, on the other hand, known as the "pearl of the desert" is considered a sacred oil used in religious ceremonies. It has been used to awaken our spiritual awareness and connect with spirit for 5000yrs or more.
    Skin benefits of Argan Oil and Frankincense Oil:
    - anti-aging 
    - regulate sebum production
    - successfully treats acne, eczema and dry skin
    - reduce appearance if scars and stretchmarks
    - eliminates germs when applied topically. 
  • HOW TO USE: On face:  Apply 10-15 drops on face after washing and toning. Or, use/apply the serum while face is damp with Rosé water toner. Let the skin absorb the oil and blot out excess with soft tissue. FOR ALL SKIN TYPES. For the hair: put 2-4 drops for the entire hair or just 1 drop when using on tips of the hair. 
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: I have found that the way to get the best results & benefits is to use the CONDITIONING SERUM during the day, and the more potent HEALING SERUM at night.

  • Available only for the Philippine market.