Ritual Coconut Curry Oil For Graying Hair (2 sizes)

    • RITUAL is a sustainable general store that has a special interest in local history and biocultural diversity.
    • Founder BEA MISA says "We take a special interest in plants and underutilized species. We like to make people's everyday lives INTERESTING & JOYFUL."
    • COCONUT CURRY OIL FOR GRAYING HAIR - Stimulating curry leaf and black pepper extracts are combined with traditionally produced coconut oil from Mindanao. This creates the South Indian remedy for graying hair.
    • 2 SIZES:
      • 30ml Dropper Bottle
      • 120ml Refill Bottle
    • HOW TO USE: Massage a small amount onto scalp before bedtime and leave overnight.  Use a hair cap for convenience.
    • #THEVAINMAMA TIP:  I like applying this oil before exercising then rinsing off when I shower.  Its like an instant hot oil treatment!