Ritual Pepper Rosemary Hair & Scalp Tonic (2 sizes)

    • RITUAL is a sustainable general store that has a special interest in local history and biocultural diversity.
    • Founder BEA MISA says "We take a special interest in plants and underutilized species. We like to make people's everyday lives INTERESTING & JOYFUL."
    • PEPPER ROSEMARY HAIR & SCALP TONIC - An old-fashioned hair tonic to stimulate the scalp. Contains toning black pepper, horsetail, and elemi extracts which stimulate circulation and hair growth. Rosemary and lavender alleviate itchiness and hair loss. A bit of mild palm alcohol in alkalized water helps to clean your scalp in between showers.
    • 2 SIZES:
      • 30ml spray bottle
      • 120ml refill bottle
    • HOW TO USE: To freshen your mane up, just spray onto your hair. For a therapeutic treat for yourself, spray onto your the tips of your fingers and massage your scalp for about 5 minutes. This will stimulate circulation.