Scentful Living Odor Remover (3 scents) - 500ml

  • SCENTFUL LIVING was established by two sisters with exceptional experience in the world of Fragrance. Bernadette is certified by The Fragrance Foundation and trained under British Perfumer, Stephen Dowthwaite. Caroline, graduated with a degree in Fragrance & Cosmetics Marketing from FIT in New York. Both are passionate about fragrances; both are very much committed to sharing their unique fragrance creations with you.
  • ODOR REMOVER - Using plant-derived enzymes to completely destroy odor-causing bacteria, it is a ready to use formula that combines the fast action of chemistry with the long-term benefits of nature’s gentle care. It is all natural and completely safe for use anywhere in and around the home.
    • OCEAN BREEZE 500ml
    • GRAPEFRUIT 500ml
    • BREATHE EASY 500ml
  • Use on all things smelly like:

    o Cigarette Smoke,
    o Cars,
    o Garbage,
    o Carpets,
    o Gym bags,
    o Shoes,
    o Pet Urine & Cages,
    o Mold, Mildew and Stale Odors,
    o Kitchen,
    o Toilets,
    o Locker Rooms,
    o even the stench of Dead Rats!

  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: Scentful Living's odor removers are one of the most effective ones I've tried.  I like that the scent itself is very light; the formula is really about absorbing the bad smell.