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Soul Apothecary Mini Portable Aroma Diffuser

  • This Portable Aroma Diffuser only weighs 63g and can fit the palm of your hand!  It allows relaxing scents to waft into daily life with just a few drops of essential oils.  Enjoy your preferred essential oil anywhere you go by simply by dripping a few drops onto the device.
  • Diffuses aroma with an effective range of 0.5m.
  • Embedded compact fan allows it to run without water needed
  • Rechargeable with USB Cable
  • Works for 6-8 hours after full charge
    • 1.  Rotate the top cover counterclockwise
      2. Open the lid on top
      3. Drop essential oil or perfume into the cotton felt
      4. Align and close top cover
      5. Turn the top cover clockwise to the top and turn it on.
      6. Enjoy everywhere!
  • Product Weight 63g, Product Size:  85X76X37.5mm, Color:  White, Rated Capacity 3.7 DC 500mAh
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: Use it everywhere you go! With the Portable Aroma Diffuser, aroma can be enjoyed conveniently during trips and in places without electric sockets. Use it when you need to refresh your daily mood, concentrate, sleep or simply wanting to create a relaxing temperament.

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