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Soul Stone Diffuser Bracelet - Matte Onyx

  • Matte Onyx Diffuser Bracelet - This bracelet is a combination of matte onyx and lava stones. The lava beads are porous and can absorb any essential oil of your choice. Suitable for men and women.
    • ONYX helps to change bad habits and is a great grounding stone. It inspires objective thinking and spirituality while helping one be in control of emotions and passions. Onyx helps eliminate negative thinking and stress and is good for meditation and positive dreams. 
    • LAVA ROCKS form when volcanoes erupt magma (lava) onto the surface of the earth and the magma cools. Lava beads are porous and can even absorb the oil of your choice.
  • Bracelet Length: 19cm (unstretched)
  • Bead Size: 10mm
    • HOW TO USE: Apply a drop or two of essential oil to the lava bead. The scent will last a day if not more. You can use any of your favorite essential oils.
    • #THEVAINMAMATIP: Since these are natural gemstones, each stone is unique.  The image may show slight differences to the actual stone in color, shape, and texture. Try to avoid contact with sweat, remove during shower. Suitable for sensitive skin.