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Soul Stone Necklace - Pyrite Money and Wealth

  • Pyrite Money and Wealth Necklace - Pyrite is used for wealth and abundance and combines the principles of Feng Shui with the energy of the gold pyrite. Pyrite was dubbed fool’s gold for its striking resemblance to gold. For centuries, pyrite has been viewed as a symbol for money and good luck. Raw pyrite use works to foster the energy of wealth and abundance.
  • First, its energy is connected to the solar plexus chakra, which provides you with the motivation and will power you need in order to move forward in your career or investment decisions. It also removes any fears or doubts you may have that are blocking you from achieving success, which are a result of an out-of-balance third chakra. It will provide you with the energy you need in order to complete projects and tasks.
  • Crystals: Pyrite
  • Materials: Stainless Necklace, Authentic Crystals Pyrite
  • Pendant Size:  About 2 cm bar of crystals
  • Necklace length: 44.5cm + 6cm extension chain
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: Since the pendant is a natural gemstone, each stone is unique.  The image may show slight differences to the actual stone in color, shape, and texture. Try to avoid contact with sweat, remove the pendant during shower. Suitable for sensitive skin. 

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