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Thai Dawiwa Anti-Mosquito Lotion - Citrus Fresh

    • Sofell's Dawiwa is the most popular anti-mosquito protection in Thailand.
    • ANTI MOSQUITO CITRUS FRESH LOTION - natural mosquito & insect repellent. This works by giving out chemicals (DEET) that are unwanted by the mosquitoes.
      • Hides the sweat and scatters the biological range of mosquitoes
      • Makes the effect of carbon dioxide negligible thus helping you stay away from these flying beasts
      • Provides effective protection for up to 7 hours
      • SIZE: 80ml
    • HOW TO USE: Apply on legs, arms, or neck liberally. Avoid sensitive areas such as eyes, lip, eye lids, and wounds. Not advisable for children under 4 years old.
    • THEVAINMAMA TIP: Layer the lotion topped with the spray for ultimate protection.