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Thai Natural Essences Shampoo (4 variants) - 350ml

    • Cult find from Thailand.
    • THAI NATURAL ESSENCE CONDITIONER - Using the best of Thai natural herbs, these daily hair care products are an amazing addition to your regimen. – No Silicone – No SLS/SLES – No Paraben – No Artificial Color & Fragrance.
      • BERGAMOT & LEMONGRASS - For All Hair Types. This gentle yet effective formula is rich in natural ingredients renowned for their conditioning and nourishing properties that can be used daily to cleanse hair and scalp thoroughly. The Lemongrass and Bergamot zesty scents will leave hair smelling delightful, while the use of eucalyptus oil encourages hair growth, improves shine and thickness simultaneously, and the inclusion of lavender extract helps to soothe the scalp.
      • BUTTERFLY PEA & AVOCADO - For Fine Hair. Butterfly Pea is nature’s most powerful ingredient for promoting hair growth. Natural vitamins and antioxidants nourish and effectively darken hair to give you perfect volume and shine.
      • ALOE VERA & LEMONGRASS - For Oily Hair.  Aloe vera gel contains compounds that have various benefits for both hair and skin cells. Such as Glucomannant (glucomannans), sugar, galactose (galactose), the acid (Uronic Acid), glycoprotein (glycoprotien), amino acids (Amino Acid) .In addition, there are enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fats and various organic chemical compounds. That has the property to help maintain strong hair roots Helps me to be black Strengthen new hair Stimulate the activity of skin pigment cells Slow down premature gray hair.
      • SOAPBERRY & LEMONGRASS - For Dry Hair or Anti-Dandruff. Reduce dandruff, prevent scalp irritation, and return hair's natural bounce.
    • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: For best results, use the shampoo & conditioner together.  Feel free to mix and match. Safe for color treated hair.