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The Oilist Healing Spray - Odor Away

    • The Oilist aims to provide therapeutic grade essential oil blends to consumers who are looking for a safe and effective all natural organic alternative to over the counter medication. Made from only the highest quality essential oils and carrier oils, The Oilist offers handmade blends at friendly prices.
    • ODOR AWAY SPRAY - Purify your surroundings with the Oilist’s Odor Away Minty Lemongrass Air and Linen spray. Made of Lemongrass essential oil, an air purifier with antibacterial properties, and Eucalyptus essential oil which acts as an antiviral and antiseptic.
    • #THEVAINMAMA TIP:  There are room sprays... and there is this!! You can already smell the delicious scents, even without spraying. The amount and quality of essential oils used is unparalleled.

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