Dermtropics Raw Coconut Gentle Cleansing Bar - 135g

  • DERMTROPICS is guided by the mission to provide the best quality soaps and skincare products available using natural ingredients sourced locally from the Philippines. Free of harsh chemicals with sustainability practices in order to make an impact in people's lives.
  • RAW COCONUT GENTLE CLEANSING BAR - The original soap, The Unscented Soap, has helped those with dry, acne, and eczema-prone skin for more than 20 years. This best-selling soap bar is NOW reformulated without DEA, and uses the most potent virgin coconut oil to deliver optimal effectiveness.
    • This upgraded formula will nourish and cleanse the skin gently without stripping away the natural oils in the body.
    • It's powerful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties will help soothe skin.
    • You can expect a thick creamy lather with a faint scent of pure coconut aroma.
  • FULL INGREDIENTS: cocos nucifera oil, water. sodium hyrdoxide, glycerin, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, titanium dioxide
  • HOW TO USE: Make a rich lather on wet skin and massage gently before rinsing thoroughly.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: This reformulated line is made with Organic Wet-milled Virgin Coconut Oil (Raw and Purest Form). With Wet-milling technology, no heat is applied to the oil preserving its natural anti-oxidants and aroma, as well as being free from any forms of chemicals.