Detoskin Peony Floris Mask - Purifying & Energizing

  • DETOSKIN is all about Detox Therapy and about celebrating personal happiness and positive well-being through skin detoxification and skin healing.
  • PEONY Floris Mask (Moisture, Purifying and Energizing) – features the remarkable cleansing energy of Peony Extract that provides rich moisture to tired skin and a tightening effect to large pores.
    • Rich in paeoniflorin compound in peony helps stimulate blood circulation and remove impurities.
    • Provides natural skin moisturizing factors, with hyaluronic acid, in the mask essence that thoroughly fills in skin with deep hydration.
    • Main ingredient Peony has traditionally been used medicinally and is considered safe and gentle on the body. Peonol and gallotannin compounds in Peony helps vital blood circulation and the removal of impurities from the skin, while the rich mineral and organic acid content helps tighten skin. Peoony is known as the purification flower.
    • Mask also features skin boosting ingredients: Anise Fruit Extract, Black Elderberry Extract, Mushroom Extract and Lotus Extract.
  •  #THEVAINMAMA TIP: The FLORIS series delivers rich concentration of vibrant energy onto the skin, lightens and refreshes exhausted skin. They are infused with floral extracts to target the right care for different skin troubles.