Face Roller and Gua Sha - Premium Jade Roller and Classic Gua Sha


    - Jade contain properties that may physically help assist the body to heal itself

    - Calming and grounding stone may also protect you from negative energies

    - Dual-ended facial rollers features a reinforced zinc alloy hardware in a shiny gold or silver hue, which makes it stronger and sturdier

    - Gua sha relaxes muscles and relieves tension in the face and can also be used on the neck, arms, and legs, and other parts of the body

    - Both tools help stimulate lymphatic drainage with regular use to help eliminate toxins and reduce facial puffiness

    - Massage tools make use of gentle pressure to encourage blood flow and improve skin tone for a glowing look

    - Improves definition around jawline and cheekbones

    Jade is a protective stone and has a natural composition that transmits heat to help circulation. It also assist with the overall balancing of the body system and mind, helps remove toxins, rebind skeletal and cellular systems, as well as soothes the mind- releasing negative thoughts and irritability.


    Traditionally used by the Chinese, facial rollers are a renowned anti-wrinkle tool used to improve the youthful appearance of skin. The coolness of the gemstone closes the pores while the roller massage promotes lymphatic drainage, which can reduce puffiness, and is helpful for sagging skin, wrinkles, open pores, firming and toning. It may also be used on the neck, arms, legs and other parts of the body. 
    Instructions: Roll over your skin, always in an upwards direction, massaging the face, neck and eyes to help fight wrinkles and decrease puffiness. Use daily for 5 to 10 minutes, it is gentle to use everyday. Wash with mild soap and water as needed, keep it dry afterwards.  

    The Gua Sha Tool is both used for the face and the body. Gua Sha facial or the “Eastern Face Lift” or “Eastern Botox,” can help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, plump, tighten and rejuvenate skin; even decrease dark under-eye circles and puffiness. It promotes circulation in your face and has anti inflammatory benefits.  For the body, it helps remove tension and toxins.  Gua Sha is performed to treat systemic toxicity, poor circulation, physical and emotional stress, and migraines. Gua Sha healing promotes the flow of Qi (energy) and blood throughout the body for overall health. 

    Made from 100% Jade. NOTE: Stone size and color may vary due to handmade

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