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FaE Beeswax Luxury Candle - RIVEBANK

  • FaE means "Fairy" in Latin...Whimsical fun & mystical magic in every piece.
  • THE FaE STORY: FaE is a luxury line of beeswax candles and vegan soaps created by mother & fellow seeker, Macky Fah. 
  • MACKY SAYS: "This is truly my passion project and I want every detail to be perfect.  We have big dreams for FaE and we hope to bring this Filipino brand global. We are already in development for other bath & body products and are excited to launch them next year."
  • FaE Beeswax Luxury Candle in "RIVERBANK" -  is a delicious blend of Basil, Dayap, & Carnation.  Created by nature, Beeswax produces a clean and smokeless flame, emitting negative ions which clean the air.
  • Hand-Poured and made purely of Beeswax & Essential Oils.
  • Lovingly made in the Philippines.
  • HOW TO USE: 1) Keep candles lit for at least an hour so that they melt evenly.  2) Trim the wick after each use to control flame. 3) Cover the candle with a glass coche (candle dome) or keep them in their gorgeous box after use to make the scent last longer.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP:  It is always a joy for me to discover a homegrown brand made with such passion, and created by another mom too...  I was so impressed with the LUXURY quality of FaE that I didn't even have to think twice about carrying this line.  The sweet & sincere story of Macky's "baby" resonated with me. I like mixing two different candles together for a harmony of scents that envelope our home and transports us to a magical place. 
  • A Seektheuniq Online Exclusive.


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